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Eyelush Reviews

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"Just a little note to say thank you (x a million) for my gorgeous lashes, I feel ready to face the world! Although you should do a disclaimer - do not drive or operate heavy machinery after having lashes extended!! The urge to look in the rear view mirror all the way home is too much!!"

"With 3 children, I start the morning at 100 mph so if it’s one of those days when I don't get time to "put my face on" before I leave the house, at least I know my eyelashes make my eyes look good. I have some friends who definitely suffer from eyelash envy!!  I just couldn't be without them now - they're my MUST HAVE."

Tracey Stream

"I absolutely LOVE my lashes, they are so subtle yet make me feel so glamorous at the same time! I can’t believe how natural they look and I love not having to worry about mascara for weeks. They last for such a long time and would highly recommend them to everyone."

"This is the best beauty treatment I have ever had, I can’t be without them now. I now wear less eye make-up than before and this makes my mornings so much easier."

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